AXS Interview with Morgan Rider

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Thank you to axs for interviewing our frontman Morgan Rider recently. They talked about our upcoming tour with Kalmah and our upcoming album!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Vesperia is a metal band that was formed in 2012 in Toronto, Canada. They were crowned 2015 international and Canadian champions of the Wacken Metal Battle. They will be on a major tour in Canada and are still planning a future tour in the USA.

I had a chance to interview the bands amazing lead singer Morgan Rider. Fans can find the band on many social media outlets., Facebook and Twitter are just a few places you can find information about the band and all the latest tour dates.

AXS: Where are you from and when did you start playing together?

Morgan: Vesperia are considered a ‘Toronto band’, though all of us live just a little outside Toronto. Vesperia began at the start of 2012.

AXS: Can you tell me who is in the band and what do they play ? Has your line up changed ?

Morgan: As of fall 2014, our full lineup is myself on lead vocals and bass, Casey Elliott on guitar and backing vocals, Frankie Caracci on lead guitar and backing vocals and Dylan Gowan on drums. Our lineup has changed quite a bit in the past and we have had positions such as a keyboard player come and go. Right now we are feeling very confident with this lineup and our chemistry seems very strong too!

AXS: Who decided on the band name and why ?

Morgan: Actually, that was me and a previous guitar player we had back in 2012. We were out of ideas searching for a more marketable name for the band. We happened to be browsing texts on the history of Canada at the time and stumbled across the word Vesperia, which roughly translates from latin to “in the land of the evening star”. At one point, the name was a candidate name for Canada instead of Canada, so we thought it very patriotic to call ourselves that. That, and the name also conjures epic imagery, which is something of a pursuit for us.”

Read the full interview HERE