Conquerors of the World III show review!

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Here is some excellent coverage by Metal Master Kingdom of our recent foray in the lands of Toronto, Canada for the 3rd edition of the Conquerors of the World concert tour with the mighty Septicflesh, Moonspell & Deathstars!


“Local stars and 2015 Wacken Battle finalists Vesperia opened up the evening with some epic metal. Morgan Rider’s deep growls and high screams filled the Opera House, guitarists Casey Elliot and Frankie Caracci rocked out to either side of him. Vesperia was made for the big stage as they filled the venue with their presence, flaunting their long manes and/or bushy beards in the breeze caused by stage fans. With catchy epic chants and beats provided by Vesperia’s newest addition, drummer Dylan Gowan, the mood was set for an amazing night.”

Read the rest of the show review HERE (includes photos of all bands, thanks to Phantasms of the Nav Media)

Aaaaaaand… some of the photos 😀

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