Drum playthrough: Iron Saga live in MTL

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Hey everyone!

A HUGE thank you goes to our good friend & brother Kevin Sylvestre and his video company Dr. Light Productions¬†for taking the time to film and put together this awesome drum playthrough for one of our new songs ‘Iron Saga’!

We were able to get this footage during our stop in Montreal on Halloween as part of our Tempests Over the East tour, which continued on to eastern Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! The footage and audio are both completely live and we have not included anything else besides Kevin’s mix wizardry in the video. If you are from Montreal and you have not seen/ been to the new Piranha Bar on Ste-Catherine, you definitely have to check it out! We love Montreal, we love Quebec, we love the east coast and we can’t wait to be back there again next spring with fucking KALMAH!

Dylan currently plays on Pearl Drums and uses Los Cabos Drumsticks

Enjoy the video!

drum playthrough
May the winds always guide you home, to your loved ones and to a giant pint of beer!