Iron Saga live in Toronto

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Hey everyone,

We have to apologize for the lack of posts here on our website recently – we have been extremely busy rehearsing for both the studio in March and our tour across Canada with Kalmah in April. We assure you that we have been working harder than we ever have for both of these adventures! In the meantime we will be doing our best to tide you over in the form of behind the scenes footage from our past tours, cooking and/or shredding classes from Frankie and live footage from our exciting shows! Hmmm… the cooking/ shred classes with Frankie might be a cool idea! Let us know!

From the scores of shows we did in 2015, there is one extremely memorable one that stands out. We opened the night at the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle finals in Toronto. Despite opening this show and getting to witness a half dozen more INSANELY good bands, the judges deemed us the victors. After this show, we went on to tour the east coast of Canada, the prairies, Alberta, British Columbia – appearing at Armstrong Metal Fest. We also flew overseas and played at Wacken Open Air! What an awesome year!

Anyway, onward to live footage! Here’s us performing in Toronto in 2015 – our ‘winning’ song from our set: Iron Saga!