Morgan interviewed by Sick and Destroy

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Epic death metal from Toronto! I have discovered this band just this year, I like what they do, so I’m sure you’ll like it as well, if you still haven’t! But now time to ask them some questions!

Hi! Tell me about Vesperia. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

Morgan: We decided upon the name Vesperia when we working reworking the idea of the band. We wanted something epic and ominous sounding to properly portray what we were endeavouring for musically. We happened across the name Vesperia listed in a few Canadian history texts that listed it as a candidate name when the name of our country was being decided upon. Imagine if we were called “Vesperians” and not “Canadians”?

“The Iron Tempests” EP was released one year ago. Are you preparing some new tunes for album now?

Morgan: As I type this, we are just about to wrap up recording our brand new album! We have been working hard on the music for this album for over 2 years and we want to make sure that it is every bit as intense as we’ve been promising to our fans.

Morgan interviewed by Sick and Destroy:


Have you played some shows during this year? As far as I know, you have toured with Kalmah on April this year, how was the tour and what the science did you got thx that event?

Morgan: Yes! We have embarked on 2 separate tours during 2016. Of course, we were asked to be direct support for Kalmah on their Canadian Tourture tour, which was tons of fun. It was super successful and we got along with the Kalmah guys very well. Too bad we can’t drink as much as them… yet.


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