Morgan interviewed by Sick and Destroy

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Epic death metal from Toronto! I have discovered this band just this year, I like what they do, so I’m sure you’ll like it as well, if you still haven’t! But now time to ask them some questions! Hi! Tell … Continued

Okkultis in Canada tour 2016!

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Okkultis in Canada tour 2016! Hey everyone, We will once again be hitting the road this year! This time we will be joining forces with NECRONOMICON from Quebec and ABIOTIC from Florida for the Okkultis in Canada tour! We have … Continued

Tour success – thank you!

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Ontario tour success! THANK YOU SO MUCH Windsor, London, Kitchener, Toronto, North Bay and Sudbury for making The Tempests Over Ontario Tour a complete success!! This was a moderately small tour in comparison to what we have done in the … Continued

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