Apesmetal Interview at Wacken!

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Thank you VERY much to our friends at Apesmetal and Claudia Crackthefiresister for taking the time to interview us at Wacken Open Air! We had just found out moments before this interview that we had won the entire Wacken Battle. We … Continued

Interview with Metal-Rules.com!

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Thank you very much to our friends over at Metal-Rules for this interview! Vesperia, let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us very briefly about the formation of the band. Thank you very much! We are very excited to be … Continued


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DAY 3 – DRIVE + WINNIPEG Awakening, we found ourselves in Dryden, which is a small oasis of a town in northern Ontario (a couple gas stations, Walmart and Tim Hortons – a touring band’s oasis!). We had been pushing … Continued

WEST CANADA TOUR DIARY: DAY 2 (with pictures!)

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Hey everyone, Morgan here again! I have a feeling I’ll be contributing a large amount of these installments as I make the other guys do the majority of the driving (har-har!). As I do handle all of the band business … Continued

WMBC video coverage!

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Thank you so Kaeleigh Phillips for taking the time to put together this coverage of the Wacken Metal Battle and many of the bands that participated! Check out the link over to our friends at Metal Master Kingdom by clicking HERE … Continued


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From Bravewords.com: “Wacken Metal Battle Canada winners Vesperia are streaming the new song “Iron Saga” exclusively at BraveWords below. The band’s The Iron Tempests EP is due out July 10th. The Iron Tempests sspan around 18-24 minutes long and was co-produced with … Continued

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