Tempests Tour Diary Day 1 (with pics!)

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Ahoy sirs and madams, As far as I’m concerned, despite having played a show already on this tour, we are on day 1. Because I said so. I love being the leader! Starting the day off right, we drove through … Continued

WACKEN premiers new VESPERIA video!

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A HUGE thank-you to the fine lads and ladies at Wacken Open Air for premiering our brand new music video The Western Tempests exclusively on their website! We are very excited to finally release this beast of a video, which … Continued

The Tempests Over the East Tour!

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Hey everyone! It seems like it’s that time again! Time to hit the road again! Yes! This time we will be touring the entire North American east coast on what can be considered our FIRST North American Tour! How badass … Continued

Wacken Behind the Scenes

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Ahoy Vesperians! Earlier this month we had the VERY unique opportunity to play at Wacken Open Air – the biggest heavy metal festival in the world! I know, we can’t believe it either! This band began as a small bedroom … Continued

Apesmetal Interview at Wacken!

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Thank you VERY much to our friends at Apesmetal and Claudia Crackthefiresister for taking the time to interview us at Wacken Open Air! We had just found out moments before this interview that we had won the entire Wacken Battle. We … Continued

Folk-Metal.nl interview!

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Here’s an interview our frontman Morgan did with our friends Folk-metal.nl about Vesperia’s humble beginnings, the songwriting process of the band, the band’s past and the band’s future. Good reading! ” Canada’s Vesperia have unleashed a brand new EP entitled “The … Continued

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