Tempests Tour Diary Day 1 (with pics!)

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Ahoy sirs and madams,

As far as I’m concerned, despite having played a show already on this tour, we are on day 1. Because I said so. I love being the leader!

Starting the day off right, we drove through the night from Brantford getting stuck in total gridlock Toronto traffic, despite it being 4-5 am. I can’t get enough of it. I think I might quit my day job and just drive around in Toronto all day long because it’s such a good time! Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you just need to keep going back and doing it? It’s like crack!

Most of the drive I spent sleeping in the back of the van. Honestly, it can be such a good sleep when there is only a single person in there. 3-4 people is a different story though 😉

We got to Montreal right on time for load in and we took the usual route straight out of the tunnel to get to the Piranha Bar (which we were excited to learn was completely renovated!). We were driving up Ste-Catherine to find the whole road completely roadblocked and the street filled with thousands of people… wtf? There were police and people everywhere. And on top of it all, we drive a 5-tonne van and trailer rig, which put into context with a busy Saturday afternoon in the heart of downtown Montreal, with it’s one-way streets makes for a very interesting time. Little did we know this would benefit us hugely in a half an hour or so!

We found a parking spot in a turning lane right before the block that the Piranha Bar is located and we sat there waiting for the police and crowds to move so we could drive up to the venue. If you have ever been to or played the Piranha Bar, you will know that getting parking in front of the venue is 100% impossible and you run the risk of having your vehicle broken into the further away you park (I have dealt with this before). So we saw the opportunity when the crowds cleared and got a spot in front of the venue! WE GOT A FUCKING PARKING SPOT IN FRONT OF THE PIRANHA BAR!

We immediately met up with the guys in Trollwar, The Wild Hunt and our very good friends in Profaner! We also helped the ladies in Smirking Revenge carry their equipment from their parking spot a few blocks away. What gentlemen we are!

As far as Montreal shows go, we weren’t planning on this show being the most heavily attended as it was Halloween night, after all. We were surprised to see a decent turnout and lots of very cool costumes too! We ended up hitting the stage around midnight, played to a decent (though less than normal sized audience), packed up and left to head further east!

What adventures await this time?!

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