Wacken Behind the Scenes

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Ahoy Vesperians!

Earlier this month we had the VERY unique opportunity to play at Wacken Open Air – the biggest heavy metal festival in the world!

I know, we can’t believe it either! This band began as a small bedroom project to enable me to hear some of my musical creations come to life. Well, when you begin to set goals – you can sometimes quickly overcome them and then you find yourself setting bigger goals. Before you know, you are reaching higher than you’ve ever dreamed before! In this instance, we got to play Wacken. Fucking Wacken, dude.

Amidst this inflection and uniquely humbling experience, we were there to present ourselves as part of a world competition called the Wacken Metal Battle. This is an annual competition that takes place around the world in 30 countries, where each countries’ ‘champion’ takes their music and live show to the biggest metal festival in the world. Wacken! At Wacken, the bands all play the festival in front of thousands of people who have likely never heard of you before, as well as a panel of esteemed industry professionals. From there, you are free to roam the Wacken festival with your shiny backstage Artist pass, swilling beer and schnitzel all the while. In the middle of the festival the Metal Battle organizers announce the winners at an exclusive VIP conference away from the main festival site.

WELL! It just so happens we won the ENTIRE fucking thing! I can’t believe I just typed that… My head is swimming with uncertainty and disbelief still… several weeks after coming home and going back to my day job.

Anyways, besides that massively unnecessary build up – we are pleased to present to you all the behind the scenes footage we were able to cultivate to, during and from our time overseas. For the entire trip, we brought our good friend Kevin of Dr. Light Productions along to film us doing what we do. This means he boarded every van, bus, train, plane and shuttle with us and filmed us the entire time.

It was pretty funny at some points, actually. We would awake in the middle of the night aboard the flight over the Atlantic, and he would be up, standing there in the middle of the aisle with his big camera filming us sleep. And it made the video, too! Wicked!

Here is a behind the scenes look at our time at Wacken! Don’t forget to like, comment and share if you enjoy it! :)

Much love,
-Morgan/ Vesperia